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2019学年高二年级英语外研版选修6课堂训练:Module 5《Cloning》Section Ⅲ Integrating Skills


Module 5 Cloning Sections Ⅲ Integrating Skills
[夯实·基础知识] Ⅰ. 单词拼写 1. At present, officials are ________(分析) why the traffic accidents have gotten bigger and bigger. 答案:analysing 2. She told us an ________(难以置信的) story about her grandmother catching a thief. 答案:incredible 3. A sky?high Christmas tree stood tall in the hall, ________( 陪伴 ) by soft Christmas music playing in the background. 答案:accompanied 4. Nationwide CET?6 is ________(可选择) with the students in colleges, but a good score can help them find better jobs. 答案:optional 5. Fine words and a suave appearance are seldom related to true ________(美德). 答案:virtue 6. ________(专注于) in his work, he neglected food and sleep. 答案:Absorbed 7. The teacher criticized him sharply, for his homework paper was ________(和…… 一样)with his neighbor's. 答案:identical 8. Take the small case and you'll find it ________(便利) for use when traveling. 答案:handy 9. The official said the government would ban all the TV stations' ________(插 入,植入) ads during TV operas the next year. 答案:inserting 10. He found it hard to ________(抵抗) buying these books. 答案:resist Ⅱ. 选词填空 break down, treat as, bring about, rely on, get out of control, by mistake, knock out, as far as I know 1. When the fire________, the captain told the sailors to abandon the ship. 答案:got out of control

2. What do you think ________ the misunderstanding between them? 答案:has brought about 3. A tsunami caused by the earthquake hitting Japan on March 11 destroyed the Fukushima plant, ________ reactor cooling systems. 答案:knocking out 4. Migrant workers should not be ________ cheap laborers. 答案:treated as 5. I've put the egg in a special box so I don't get it mixed up with any others________. 答案:by mistake 6. He lost his way, furthermore, his car ________. 答案:broke down 7. Better ________ yourself than on others. 答案:rely on 8. The story of the university began, ________, in 1209. 答案:as far as I know Ⅲ. 完成句子 1. The storm brought heavy winds, did some roof damage and ________ power. 风暴带来了大风,损害了屋顶,摧毁了电力。 答案:knocked out 2. ________, the earth is the only planet with life on it. 据我们所知,地球是唯一一个有生命的星球。 答案:As far as we know 3. ________ I am calling you ________ I want to invite you to my birthday party. 我打电话给你的原因是我想邀请你参加我的生日聚会。 答案:The reason why; is that 4. Are you ready?________,I'm going without you. 你准备好了吗?如果没有,我就自己去了。 答案:If not 5. The fire has been ________. 大火已经受到了控制。 答案:brought under control 6. His mother ________ him ________ a small child. 他的妈妈总是把他当成一个小孩子对待。

答案:treats/treated; as 7. I've poured coffee into your cup ________. 我错误地把咖啡倒到你杯子里了。 答案:by mistake 8. She can't be ________ to tell the truth. 别指望她说实话。 答案:relied on Ⅳ. 单句语法填空(不多于 3 个单词) 1. [2019·安徽高二检测]I'll get Bill to ________(company) me on the piano at the school concert tomorrow. 答案:accompany 句意:明天的学校音乐会上,我将让比尔用钢琴给我伴奏。accompany sb. on sth.“用……给某人伴奏”。 2. [2019·莆田高二检测]She is too fat, but she can't ________(resist) sweets. 答案: resist 句意: 她太胖了, 但她忍不住吃甜食。 resist 抵抗, can't resist sth.“抵 不住……”。 3. ________(absorb) in writing the article, the writer forgot that he had a meeting to attend. 答案: Absorbed 句意:因为一直专注写文章,这个作家忘记了有个会议要参加。 be absorbed in “全神贯注于……”。当从句主语和主句主语一致且含有 be 动词时,可把从句 主语和 be 动词同时省略,补充完整为:The writer was absorbed in writing the article...。 4. At first he refused to admit he had stolen but when he was shown the videotape he broke ________ and admitted everything. 答案:down 句意:起初他拒绝承认他偷东西了,但当给他放录像时,他崩溃了,承认了 一切。break down“垮掉,崩溃”,符合句意。 5. The firefighters soon got the fire in the building ________control. 答案:under 句意:消防人员很快控制了楼房的火势。under control 表示“处于控制之 下”。 6. What he suggested will be ________(benefit) to your plan. 答案:beneficial be beneficial to“对……有益”。 7. If I take this medicine twice a day, it should ________(cure) my cold. 答案:cure cure 治疗,尤指用药物治愈疾病。 8. The doctor is trying to save the patient by every ________(imagine) means. 答案:imaginable imaginable 可想象的。句意:这位医生通过每种可以想到的方式来尽 力地挽救这位病人。

9. [2019·西安模考]-I think he is taking an active part in social work. -I agree with you in ________way. 答案:a 答句句意:在某种程度上我同意你的看法。in a way“在某种程度上”,符合 句意。 10. In a panic, she managed to knock________the crocodile and free herself. 答案:out 句意:慌乱之中,她居然打晕了鳄鱼,这才得以脱身。knock out“撞晕,击 倒”。 [提升·实战能力] Ⅴ. 阅读理解

It's been seven days since a 7.0?magnitude


earthquake hit Ya'an in

Sichuan Province. How the earthquake has affected one of Sichuan Province's special residents-pandas? How are the animals coping? And do they have enough food to eat? There are more than 80 pandas living here at the Chengdu Panda Breeding Base. Seven baby pandas have just left their mothers and have begun to learn how to support themselves. The quake was felt strongly in Chengdu. Fortunately, all of the pandas here were out on the grounds when the earthquake hit, so they were very safe. Although no deaths or injuries have been reported among the Baoxing panda population so far, they've been badly frightened by the earthquake. Several days have passed and the earthquake seems to have made no negative impact on the pandas. These two baby pandas Chengshuang and Chengdui are playfighting with each other and climbing trees. When they climbed too high, the breeders(饲养员) have to rescue them from the trees.

The visitors are amused by the scenes and think it's like a fantastic acrobatics(杂 技) show. The quake zone is not only the home of these pandas, it's also the source of their food. Fortunately, enough bamboo has been stored away in five bamboo storehouses for

the pandas, so there are no worries with regard to food supplies. Wu Kongju, Breeder, Chengdu Panda Breeding Base, said, “When the Wenchuan earthquake happened in 2008, we were unprepared and had a shortage of bamboo. But we've been able to handle this earthquake event more smoothly. There are no problems with the food supply.” Apart from the pandas' favorite Baijia Bamboo, breeders also give them bamboo shoots, which are very rich in nutrients. Wu Kongju said, “Bamboo shoots contain more protein than ordinary bamboo, and they're also very succulent because they contain more water.” 2019 年的雅安地震除了给当地人民造成了巨大损失之外,也给熊猫带来不小的影响。 1. The passage mainly tells us that ________. A. a 7.0?magnitude strong earthquake hit Ya'an B. food supply to pandas is enough C. impact of Ya'an earthquake on China's pandas D. two baby pandas Chengshuang and Chengdui are in good condition

答案:C 主旨大意题。文章讲述了雅安发生了 7.0 级地震,这次地震对当地的熊猫造成 了一定的影响,故答案选 C。A 项不全面;B、D 两项是细节。 2. When the earthquake hit Ya'an, which of the statements about the pandas is WRONG? A. All of the pandas here were out on the grounds. B. Some pandas are injured but no deaths are made. C. They've been badly frightened by the earthquake. D. The earthquake seems to have made no negative impact on the pandas.

答案:B 细节理解题。根据第三段的“no deaths or injuries have been reported among the Baoxing panda population”可知 B 项表述是错误的,故答案选 B。 3. During Ya'an earthquake, there is no need to worry about pandas' food because ________. A. the pandas eat less food because of frightening B. the Panda Breeding Base was slightly hit by this C. the Panda Breeding Base receives the food supply D. the Panda Breeding Base has stored away enough earthquake from foreign countries bamboo in advance

答案: D 细节理解题。 根据第五段的“Fortunately, enough bamboo has been stored away in five bamboo storehouses for the pandas”可知,这次雅安地震,不用担心熊猫的食物 的原因是提前储备了足够的食物,故答案选 D。其余三项没有提及。 4. The underlined word “succulent” in the last paragraph means “________”.

A. 多汁的 C. 多糖的

B. 高蛋白的 D. 有营养的

答案:A 词义猜测题。根据最后一段的“they're also very succulent because they contain more water”可知,succulent 的意思是“多汁的,多水分的”,故答案选 A。 Ⅵ. 七选五 根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。选项中有两项为多余 选项。 __1__ But still there is a danger that grows every year. Airliners get larger.

Some airplanes can hold over 300 passengers. And the air itself becomes more and more crowded. If one giant airliner crashed into another in mid?air,600 lives could be lost. __2__ Air traffic controllers tell the pilot exactly when to turn, when to

climb, and when to come down. The air traffic controllers around a busy airport like London?Heathrow may handle 2,500 planes a day. Not all of them actually land at the airport. Any plane that flies near the airport comes under the orders of the controllers there. __3__ __4__ One, with 69

Recently such a disaster almost happened. passengers, had come from Toronto, and the other,

with 176 passengers, from

Chicago. An air traffic controller noticed on his radar screen that the two planes were too close to each other. He ordered one to turn to the right and to climb. this. Fifteen seconds later

But he made a mistake. He ordered the wrong plane to do

it flew directly in front of the second plane. They avoided each other by the smallest part of a pool. __5__ A. Even a small mistake on their part could cause a disaster. B. Two large jets were flying towards the airport. C. Nowadays people like traveling more by air than by car. D. Today, air travel is far safer than driving a car on a bus motor?way. E. This is an example of the danger that grows every year. F. In a word, air travel is more dangerous, we should choose others. G. From the moment an airliner takes off to the moment it lands, every movement is watched on radar screen. 以前乘坐飞机比乘车安全得多,但是现在随着飞机越来越大,装载的人也越来越多,乘 坐飞机变得没有以前那么安全了。 second. The distance between them was less than that of a large swimming

1. D 根据此空后面的“But still there is a danger that grows every year.”可推 知其前面应指的是“乘飞机比乘汽车安全得多”。故 D 项正确。 2. G 根据后文“Air traffic controllers tell the pilot exactly when to turn, when to climb, and when to come down.”可推知这里指的是“飞机从起飞到着陆,都被雷达监 控着”。故 G 项正确。 3. A 根据前文“任何飞机飞进机场都是在机场人员的指挥下进行的”,可知这里进一步 说明“任何细小的错误都可能导致空难”。故 A 项正确。 4. B 根据前文“Recently such a disaster almost happened.”和后文的叙述可知这 里指的是“有两架飞机正朝机场飞过来”。故 B 项正确。 5. E 根据此段所举的例子可知,该空应与本段第一句相呼应。故 E 项正确。

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